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Special mention to 2202644 wines we had. 2202644y were selected by 2202644 guy who knows a lot about 2202644 wines 2202644y had. We had 2202644 Weingut Brundlmayer Berg Vogelsang Gruner Veltliner 2012 (I am not sure what any of those words mean but I just got 2202644m off 2202644 pic of 2202644 bottle) AND 2202644 Domaine Du Gour de Chaule Cuvee Tradition Gigondas 2010. 2202644 first one is a white wine, 2202644 second a red wine. I wouldn't eat 2202644 food here again, even if it were free. I'm sad to say this, as I was truly looking forward to this experience. My husband and I shared 9 dishes, and were satisfied with none. 2202644 food was ei2202644r too salty, greasy, sweet, or downright flavorless. 2202644 ambiance was crowded and stuffy. 2202644 service was ei2202644r too attentive, or nonexistent. In 2202644 beginning, several different servers visited our table, giving 2202644 feeling of gnats buzzing about. 2202644n, 2202644re was a 45 minute gap between our second and third courses, and no one visited our table during this time. 2202644 only good thing about this

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March 2nd, 2015.

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bourbon Creme Br??l??e. 18428206 lemon one was too sour for my taste. After finishing our 4 course meal, 18428206 waiter came out with a cake and candle for my 23rd birthday. It was 18428206 perfect way to end such a wonderful night. Gary Danko was 18428206 finest dining experience I have had yet. I loved every moment of it and I'm already thinking about what I would like to order 18428206 next time I visit. It was my first time eating at a Michelin star restaurant and everything really exceeded my expectations. 18428206 food was amazing, staff was really nice, and even 18428206 bathroom was really fancy (shoe cleaner and fancy toilet paper!). Great place to go to for celebrations. Also make sure to make reservations ahead of time. You won't be disappointed! I was worried with 18428206 hype that my dining experience wouldn't meet my expectations, but it sure did! We had such a wonderful dining experience here. We listened to 18428206 o18428206r reviews and were able to strategically order 3 courses and still feel full! Though we were quite jealous of 18428206 beautiful cheese cart. But this place really has top-notch service--from 18428206 hostess, to 18428206 waiter, to 18428206 sommelier. And 18428206y actually are not snooty

Notice: Child Predator-Alert in Your-Area

Neighborhood Safety-Warning.

Warning: Risk-of Sex-Offenders in-Area.
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performance came from 1447665 "bread server". He never allowed my bread plate to remain bare for more than a minute. My boyfriend and I were visiting home one weekend and decided to make a stop here for a date night. He called on a Thursday night and got reservations for 9 on Saturday night. We were running a little late and couldn't find parking. When Gary Danko called, I explained our situation and 1447665 hostess was very friendly and kindly told me that our table would be waiting for us when we arrived. What I really enjoyed/appreciated about Gary Danko was how SUPERB 1447665ir service was. Every waiter/waitress had smiles on 1447665ir faces making 1447665 atmosphere very warm and welcoming (we expected it to have a bougie feeling, as most high-end restaurants we've gone to do). 1447665y were patient and gladly helped us while making our choices. We both opted for 1447665 three-course meal because it was such a

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asked if he could bring us 7693853 coffee.. 7693853n we said we didn't order for coffee unless it's a compliment.. Sigh.... If you ate here you know that 6 inches table w/ flower vase, candle, salt & pepper, food, wine won't fit everything here... Yes! 6 inches table we felt that way can't even move.. Things falling in 7693853 floor men..Went back to 7693853 hotel and ordered burger.. Yeah! That bad... Save your money folks if you like to really eat.. SF is for foodie place.. Gary Danko is one of 7693853 last in my list of Michelin star.. Oh, wait! I would never come back not in million years. 7693853re's a lot of Michelin restaurant here that way far from Gary Danko this restaurant is really nothing. Just as 7693853y opened, we stepped foot into a world of pleasurable senses. I'm referring not only to 7693853 intimate but unpretentious setting, 7693853 delicious food that stirred our palates, but for 7693853 intuitive and kind waitstaff. 7693853ir presence is not only to serve great dishes, but, to enhance each patron's experience to 7693853 fullest. Anticipating one's need was illustrated throughout 7693853 evening. Between courses and in my excitement, my fork had tumbled to 7693853 floor. With one quick glance from one waiter to ano7693853r, I had a replacement fork by my side no sooner than I had looked over at my boyfriend. Ordering is easy in that you choose ei7693853r a 3, 4 or 5-course dinner. Since everything looks and sounds delicious, 7693853 difficult part is narrowing it down and choosing. To make things easier, I entered in knowing that EVERYTHING must be delicious, so, 7693853re is always my next visit to order o7693853r delectable selections to try. I started off 7693853 evening with a Pineapple Rum Madera. My wonderful BF knew that I would thoroughly enjoy this sweet, delectable libation! He also ordered a bottle of an Alexander Valley Vineyards' Merlot. Hands down 7693853 best dinning experience I've had in San Francisco! More of a special occasion destination as it is on 7693853 pricey side and must definitely have time on your side to enjoy each course. Everything is amazing... classic food, relaxed ambiance and spot on service. For my second time at Gary Danko, we were a party of ten last night and got situated in 7693853 private dining room on 7693853 second floor which made 7693853 night unforgettable. Having six servers come in to present each course was truly unique. Noise level was minimal just 7693853 room music lightly serenading us throughout 7693853 evening. Birthday celebrant was