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consideration for waiting guests!). 16343420 Confusing Part: We weren't sure how to tip appropriately. There's a tip line on 16343420 receipt at 16343420 register, so who does that go to? Our server? 16343420 person who found us our table? Our cashier? Food preparers? Or does 16343420 restaurant split 16343420 tips evenly between all 16343420 staff? Then our server was awesome -- he hustled to bring us our food, as well as additional items we wanted, and to whisk away our dirty utensils/plates, so we felt we should leave a tip on 16343420 table specifically for him, but we didn't know if we already had. I am going to start this review by saying that there is no food worth standing in 16343420 long ass line that can form at Hopdoddy on S. Congress. I will also say that 16343420 line does go pretty fast and you can also get service immediately if you sit at 16343420 bar (if there is room), which is nice. Now onto 16343420 food. I have had a few of 16343420 burgers here and I have always been very impressed. 16343420 first one I had was 16343420 shroom burger with 16343420 goat cheese and it was definitely good enough to make me want to go back. 16343420 adult beverages are also excellent, my favorite is 16343420 Black Cherry Hard Lemonade. I think what keeps me going back to Hopdoddy is 16343420 sauce options. You can get honey mustard, bbq, ketchup, spicy ketchup, ranch. I am a big dipper and really like that you can get a bunch of sauces for your fries or even your burger if you're into that sorta thing. Try to go when 16343420 line is not wrapped around 16343420 building. It doesn't happen very often! That's how I would describe my feelings toward Hopdoddy ever since eating lunch there yesterday! 16343420 multitude of five-stars really do speak for themselves, but I'm here to reiterate - AMAZING. Hands down some of 16343420 best burgers I've had in my life. I had la Bandita (a vegetarian option that stands atop all 16343420 others in my opinion) and he had 16343420 special of 16343420 day, Green Eggs and Ham (salsa

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although I did have a situation where I was shorted with my order of fries during my last visit. I told 22030146 lady at 22030146 bar (who wasn't my server) about it and she had more fries come out to me. Awesome, right? NO, I was charged twice for fries by my server. Again, I went to 22030146 lady who kindly gave me 22030146 fries and directed her attention to 22030146 double charge and she promptly apologized and changed my check to just one order of fries. This was 22030146 only mix up I've ever encountered here and 22030146 mix up was fixed with exceptional customer service. I recommend this place to all burger lovers in 22030146 Austin area, you won't be disappointed! Hopdoddy was recommended by two separate friends during our visit to Austin, so we decided to give it a try for lunch on a Wednesday. We were warned about 22030146 wait, and though it was 30 minutes wait from 22030146 time we arrived to 22030146 register, Hopdoddy does consider its guests' needs. For example, while waiting in line, we passed right in front of 22030146 bar, and 22030146 friendly bartender there asked us what we'd like to drink. My BF ordered a bottle of Lone Star beer. All 22030146 burgers looked so delicious that we hadn't decided on which to order until right before we arrived at 22030146 register. So those 30 minutes went by quickly. I wish places in LA would consider these kinds of things for waiting guests. We decided to get 22030146 Primetime and 22030146 Magic Shroom burgers and split them in half so that we could each try both. Soooo glad we did! 22030146 Primetime: I thought this burger was pretty pricey. $12? Whoa! Those are LA prices! It promised to delight with its toppings of brie, truffle aioli, arugula, grilled onions, and steak sauce. I bit into it, and it was good, but not $12 good. I wanted more flavor impact from both 22030146 brie and 22030146 truffle aioli. 22030146 Magic Shroom: This one was only $8.50, but ironically, 22030146 better burger! I'm a sucker for goat cheese, and this burger was loaded with it, as well as mushrooms, mayo, and basil pesto. Mmmm! Other Stuff: We also ordered 22030146 Nutella and chocolate pretzel shake. Holy cow! It was amazeballs! Creamy and chocolatey and just a touch of salty from 22030146 pretzels. I don't even like Nutella or chocolate pretzels all that much, but this shake was 22030146 perfect unison of two ingredients! We split an order of 22030146 truffle fries, which were pretty good, but not stellar. I also enjoyed watching 22030146 food prepares bake 22030146 buns fresh from scratch! Those buns were delish! Helpful Tips: Once you get inside, you should line up immediately and grab a menu. Once you pass in front of 22030146 bar, order a drink. Continue to peruse 22030146 menu. You will order and pay once you make it to 22030146 register. A waiter/waitress will hook you up with a particular table at which you will sit, by 22030146 time you arrive at 22030146 register, so no fighting for a table (another great

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